Why Your Pipeline is Dry!

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Today I had one of those reflection days and thought geez my sales and prospect pipeline has been dead. I almost went the route of questioning my abilities, blame, and pitty, but I realized this is completely my fault. I analyzed what I was doing when my sales funnel was full vs. what I wasn’t doing when it was dry.

First, I had to identify what stopped me from being consistent with those activities. The truth was I got too cocky. You see after grinding and staying disciplined for a while I started to see the fruits of my labor and I thought “I’m good” “I HAVE ARRIVED!” I would soon find out I was completely wrong. The problem with many Entrepreneurs is we stop doing the things that bring us the results because we think “hey I’m good now” these sales will keep coming in forever.

After reading Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount he mentioned the 30 Day Rule. Whatever activity you did or didn’t do 30 days ago will show up today. So if you have a packed calendar with tons of appointments most likely you did your thing a month ago. If your calendar is empty with no activity or sales you didn’t do your thing a month ago. I made a decision never to sacrifice my MMA no matter what. No Not Mix Martial Arts but Money Making Activity. I wrote down things I’m going to do daily to keep my pipeline full and flowing.

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1. Build an Active Candidate List

Every day I not only prospect but I make 5 new friends it can be at the check out counter at the grocery store, social media, at the mall anywhere I go. I compliment people to find a common interest and find a way to stay connected with them. Typically for me its social media. This gives me a continual flow of new friends that I will soon approach for a pitch but when it’s normal and not pushy.

2. Say Less To More People

I schedule an hour of Prospecting as I run errands and my goal is to have a quick prospecting conversation get the digits and go. In order for it to go smoothly, you need 2 things a Basic Script and a good Break In Communication. People will try to ask you tons of questions which can put you in a position to present on the field. I start the conversation by telling them I’m in a hurry and insert my Break-In Communication such as “I’m on my way to a meeting, “I’m about to jump on a conference call”. Once they start asking questions I say “hey like I said I have a meeting to go to what’s a good number to reach you I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions when I have more time”

3. Attend Business Events

After analyzing where some of my biggest clients came from I pinpointed them to connections I made at Networking or Business events. I love attending events because you can find people who are looking to do business and referral partners.

I currently schedule 3 to 5 events a week and I’m looking to increase that number as summer comes…

4. B2B Drop By’s

One of my favorite things to do is drop by local Businesses in my area introduce my self and bring a Dozen Dunkin’ Donuts or a box of cookies. I’ve built strong relationships with local business owners by doing this. I sometimes do lunch and learns where I bring lunch to educate the staff on my industry. I’ve been able to gain some great clients by using this B2B tactic.

As you can see all these tactics revolve around meeting new people and talking to people daily. I love social media prospecting but I think that many people hide behind it, it can be harmful if that is your only way of building your business.

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