Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar?

If you’re going to take your social media marketing serious having a content calendar is essential. Just like professional athletes treat their training you need to keep the same professionalism when it comes to growing your brand and generating leads using social media. The truth is many social media marketers wing it, they post when they feel like it and only post when it’s convenient. Just like everything else in life if you treat it like a hobby you’ll get hobby results but if you treat it like a business you’ll get business results.

Here are 4 Benefits of Using a Content Calendar:

  1. Consistency– The one major element of momentum on social media is consistency your audience and the social media algorithm love when you’re consistent. It will pay off big!
  2. Organized– Having a Calendar will help you become more organized with answering when, what, and how you’ll be posting content on social media. The end result will be better content from no longer winging it.
  3. Reports/Tracking- Having a visual representation of your past social media post will allow you to track results and build reports based off trends that you see. You will have a guide to make course corrective action and see what’s working for you.
  4. Less Anxiety-Let’s be honest waking up everyday not knowing what you’re going to post can create unnecessary stress and anxiety. You know you have things to do you just don’t know where to start or how to execute. Having a calendar can help with that stress.


Many people who search for content calendars are usually overwhelmed by the many options. Some are very complicated and hard to understand and others involve using excel spreadsheets. I created a very basic social media content calendar that consist of 3 basic components.

  1. An area to enter 3 post per day
  2. A section for leads and people who reply to your call to action
  3. A Follow up tab to track follow ups from previous Social media post

The reason I consider it a basic content calendar is because I recommend it for those who are focusing on building one social media channel and who are looking to post a maximum 3 timer per day. It’s a great way to keep track of your activity and scale from there. If you want a Free copy Click Here

Here is a Free Copy of our basic Social Media Content Calendar Click Here

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