Why Investing In Yourself Is Important?

There is no Cheating

We live in a Microwave Society where people can get things super fast from fast food to 1 hour delivery with Amazon Prime. People are becoming impatient when it comes to their success and they try to take short cuts. Unfortunately success is one of those things you can’t microwave and it takes time to grow, to learn and to implement skills into your business. But there is a faster way to create success.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson mentions the Importance of Investing in your Growth here are 4 Key Points.

1. Investing in continuous learning is the wisest investment.

2. Learning by reading and learning by implementing are the two essential pistons of the engine of learning

3. On the path to a goal you’ll be of course most of the time. Which means the only way to reach a goal is through constant and continuous course correction.

4. Most of your life 99.9 percent is made up of things you do on automatic pilot. Which means it’s essential that you take charge of your automatic pilots training.

Invest in your skills

I admit I was one of those entrepreneurs who tried to take short cuts and buy advertisements, send mass emails, and instant messages hoping and praying for someone to Join my business. Surprisingly it never worked…..I then heard a mentor speak at an event and he mentioned the fastest way to grow your success is to invest in yourself.

Don’t take the cheap route

I totally bought into that idea, but I still had a cheap and microwave mentality. I tried to download bootleg copies of trainings my friends purchased or find it on YouTube. I learned some good info but I still felt like I was cheating myself. So one day I was on the Internet and ran into a gentleman by the name of Ray Higdon and decided to invest in his trainings to see what it’s was all about. I was blown away at the amount of detailed info that I received and from one week to another my skills were substantially increased. There was something about buying it as well that made me feel like I had to implement this right away and I didn’t want to waste my Investment. I feel when we try to cheat the process we don’t see that value in the trainings and we don’t take it serious.

What has Investing in myself done so far

1. My skill set has advanced and people are noticing

2. I have a more clear direction

3. My ability to overcome adversity has increased

4. My communication skills have advanced

5. I have a better understanding of myself

How can you Invest in yourself?

For those of you Entrepreneurs I can help. I work directly with many mentors who offer training material that I’ve used and I can recommend. The trainings vary from the different skills you needed to be successful to Mind set trainings. Feel free to email or call me so we can chats about what it is your are looking for so I can point you in the right direction.

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