Why Are People Scared of Sales?

Most people have a misconception about what sales really is.

They assume it is begging, convincing and chasing people to buy your product or service.

Maybe its because movies and the media did a terrible job of depicting salesman in the past.

The truth is people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Here are 3 things that make up sales

1. Education

Adding value by simply educating your clients on the benefits of your product or service is a great way to sell your product. Before people make a buying decision they like to have a few questions answered. They also want to know why your product or service stands out amongst others.

Putting together a quick presentation will help you become good at sales and make the potential buyer feel that you are a true professional.

2. Getting People To LIKE You

Don’t overthink this one getting people to like you is simply being yourself, polite and charismatic.

3. Building Trust

For some client’s building trust is knowing your product, being competent and showing up on time.

Most clients want to know that they are working with a true professional and that they are in good hands working with you.

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