What Lesson Can We Learn From Baseball?

The best baseball players in the major leagues have Million Dollar contracts. In large part due to their great hitting skills. The best hitters in baseball have a .300 batting average which means for every 10 at bats they average 3 hits. Nowhere near perfection that means 30% of the time they are at the plate they have success. That made me think why do we shoot for perfection when baseball players fail 70% of the time.

When it comes to business and sales we also have a “hitting percentage”. Out of every presentation or client we sit with we convert a certain percentage. Find out your industry standard and what your personal percentage is. Work on getting to that or increasing that number. The problem I see many Entrepreneurs and Salesmen get down on themselves because they don’t close every sale. By knowing what conversion rate you need to achieve will help you have a clear target and give you peace of mind knowing you don’t need to be perfect.

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