What is your Daily Method of Operation?

Many new Entrepreneurs come from an employee background usually their tasks are given to them by their employer. So when they transition to becoming an Entrepreneur they’re typically lost with the day in and day out operations and what should be done. So what most of them do is aimlessly complete task throughout the day but get easily distracted and at the end of the day they don’t produce the right activity. I myself have struggled with this in the past I would wake up in the morning go online easily get distracted by videos next thing you know two three hours have passed and I haven’t done anything productive. The lack of focus is due to not having a set list of tasks to complete. Most new entrepreneurs don’t know what tasks to complete throughout the day that can produce results.

I was browsing the internet and came across a video from MLM Nation Simon Chan. He went over a method that I previously used that allowed me to have the right set of money making activity in my daily routine.

As Jim Rohn says “Success is found in your daily routine”

Simon went over the 3-5-5-5-3 DMO. It’s easy and if done consistently over time can produce great momentum..

3-5-5-5-3 Daily Method of Operation

The first 3 is for Social Media

Create 3 Pieces of Content on Social Media daily.

The content should do 3 things Inspire, educate and entertain. Avoid spamming and talking about your product or service all the time as this will turn people off.

Make sure that your post are teaching and educating your followers so you’re seen as an expert in your field.

Also share your journey even your down falls people love when you show vulnerability they tend to like and trust you more.

The first 5 is adding 5 new friends

Your goal is to add 5 new friends daily on social media especially on Facebook.

One great way is to join FB Groups in your personal Interest (sports, hobbies, etc) Avoid joining business groups because people in those groups all have the same agenda to sell you and it can be a waste of time.

A great system to use for adding new friends is the “CLAM” (Comment on their post Like it and Add them as a friend when they accept Mesaage them saying hi and telling them how you like their post.) The key here is to be genuine.

The second 5 is reach out to 5 people and see if they’re open to an opportunity.

Example: “Hi John I may be barking up the wrong tree but I was just curious would you open to a side project earning extra income if it didn’t interefere with your current schedule?”

The third 5 is 5 follow ups.

It doesn’t matter who it is. Pick 5 people and follow up with them it can be old friends, people who’ve said no, people who’ve seen a video and haven’t replied, someone who didn’t show up to an appointment etc….

The final 3 is ask 3 people to look at a presentation.

If your company has a video explaining your products, services or opportunity ask 3 people if they would be open to taking a look at it. Remember it dosent matter if they say yes as long as you ask 3 people..

Here is the full video with Simon Chan from MLM Nation hope you enjoy.

Make sure you take 20 to 30 minutes of your down time and use it for personal development. Reading, watching videos and any podcast or audios that will help you grow your skills. Make sure you do this during non peak or Money making hours..


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