What is Content Curation and How Can You use it on Social Media

What is Content Curation?

Social media content curation is basically filtering through all the good content across the internet and sharing the best news, articles, videos and infographics on your social platforms. Content curation is a great way to fill in content gaps on your social media content calendar. Finding articles and info pertaining to your industry, product or service is a great way to become a resource and hub for your audience. Instead of them having to scroll through the web looking for info they can revert to your channel. Having a balanced social media strategy consist of having your own content to share but a small percentage can also come from outside sources. Finding articles that back ideas or opinions that you have are also a great way to build credibility.

3 Tips for Content Curation

  1. Focus on Audience Interest. Use surveys and polls to discover what your audience likes
  2. Look for most relevant thought provoking content.
  3. Publish and share high quality content to uphold your brand and image.

Content Curation Tools (Buzzsumo)

I currently use a great tool to find high quality content on the web with a tool called Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo allows you to perform a search and find the content with the highest engagement based on a word or phrase you choose. You can even filter the search by Article, How-to-article, Video, Infographic, list, what , why.

Once you perform a search you’ll be able to find content with the highest engagement on the web. Specific engagement types are broken down Facebook engagement, Twitter shares, Pinterest, Reddit Engagements, Number of links, and evergreen score (more engagement after 30 days of initial post).

Based off the list you can select what content fit your needs and use the share button to distribute the content across various social media channels.

Adding content curation is a great way to remain relevant with your audience while creating your own content. Having a social media content schedule is a great way to plan ahead when you’ll use this method to post content on your social media channels.

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