What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest athletes of our time. As an NBA player, he’s won 5 Championships and has 18 All-Star Appearances. Many contribute Kobe’s success to his amazing athletic abilities and his state of mind, which is called Mamba Mentality. His nickname is The Black Mamba and when he’s in the zone his Mamba Mentality takes over. It’s almost as if he is oblivious to everything around him. He is only focused on 1 thing and that’s Winning.

Here are 3 things that Kobe Lives by

1. Constantly Value Growth

“Our mantra is value growth. To grow, you have to constantly learn, you have to constantly move, constantly improve. That’s the key. That’s what makes life fun.” -Kobe

2. Don’t be Afraid to Self Assess

“I’ve always been a realist,” he said. “I’m not afraid to self-assess.” Fundamental to that process is the willingness to be “brutally honest” with yourself.” -Kobe

3. Don’t Tolerate less Than Elite

Would you tolerate something less than performing at an elite level, whatever form elite takes?

“For myself?” he asked. “Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? If I can’t do that, I’ll call it quits.”

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