5 Mistakes to Avoid Doing on Social Media

What Many Marketers Do

Starting a business is very exciting the first thing you want to do is share your awesome product, service and opportunity with everyone. Unfortunately many new business owners don’t learn proper marketing first. So what happens is they go on social media and make a bunch of mistakes. We see this particularly with Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Direct sales and Home Business owners. They repel their audience from the very beginning. That leads to very little to NO sales or recruits. Which in turn leads to them not making any money. Frustration kicks in which leads to doubt and it’s all downhill from there.

Here is a List of 5 Mistakes Most People Make Online

Competing Post– If you’re posting to many times a day on social media Facebook won’t show your post to many people. That usually leads to low engagement and 0 conversion. What happens is your various post a day are competing with each other for engagement because Facebook won’t know which one to show more people to.

Using Funnels Wrong– Many people think that Funnels do all the work and try to implement them to soon before adding value or creating good content. Funnels are a great tool if used correctly but aren’t going to do all the work for you. They are great for sending potential leads to capture info, giveaways, and offers.

No Inbox Etiquette– Pitching in the first message and not saying Hello or seeing if the person is even open.

No Closing Process- Not having a good system after someone shows interest. Not choosing a sales mechanism where you contact and close you just send a link and hope people sign up or buy your product. For example I use Zoom Video calls to close my clients once they show interest.

Only relying on Passive Marketing- Not incorporating an Outbound strategy to create opportunities such as messaging, calling or emailing a set amount of people a day.

If you don’t implement a Social Media Marketing strategy you can easily make the same mistakes that most marketers make. One of the big game changers for me was finding mentors who are top trainers in the industry at teaching attraction marketing, branding, and how to become an instant authority online. I highly recommend finding a coach who can audit your social media account and guide you along the way. If you don’t have a coach feel free to connect with me at the info below.

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How To Change The Settings On Your Facebook Profile To Get More Followers

When I first found my Followers list on Facebook it was like finding a Gold mine!
Who knew that outside of your friends list you have the ability to gain followers.
That means the size of your audience can go from 5,000 to 10,000
As I scroll through Facebook I noticed so many Entrepreneurs with their Follow Button off 😱
I wonder how many leads and clients they are missing from this simple Tip.
If you are wondering how to turn on your Follow button plus some other important Features Watch the video below!

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5 Places To Find Recruits on Facebook

Why Recruit?

Recruiting is the lifeblood of many businesses. New talent brings new energy, new perspectives and can liven up any organization. The ability to recruit also has benefits for business owners one of which is called leverage. Leverage is the ability to utilize talented people to run your business so they get the experience and as a business owner you have freedom. Unfortunately many people are afraid to recruit and are afraid of rejection. Some don’t know where to start looking. The great thing is Social Media and platforms like Facebook made it a bit easier to deal with those fears.

Facebook along with several other social media platforms have become a hub for business owners to network, build brand awareness, sell products, offer client support and of course recruit talented people. I personally have found success in my Life Insurance business recruiting agents nationwide on Facebook. There are several tactics and places that I use that I’m excited to share with you.

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Where do I find Recruits?

  1. Facebook Groups– Facebook groups are a great way to find people with similar interest. In groups I comment, Like, Add and Message people who I’m able to connect with.
  2. Comment Section– When you scroll through Facebook and see a post from a friend that catches your attention head to the comments and start dialogue with others who are commenting. This is a way to find people with similar Interest.
  3. Friends List- Have you fully maximized reaching out to everyone on your friends list? You’ll be surprised as to what and who you find.
  4. Engagement– When people comment, like or share your post that’s an icebreaker to message them and create a conversation. “Hey thanks for commenting/liking/sharing my post what did you like best about it?”
  5. Add New Friends– Constantly finding and adding new friends is important. I add new friends based off various categories and reasons. Once they accept my request and message them and thank them to create dialogue.

As you can see the common trend on all the places I find recruits is I find people with common interest and I spark conversation with them. Your approach and how you chat with people is important. You don’t want to come off as sleazy or sneaky. It is important to have a method of conversation that at least starts with a “Hello or how are things?” On tonight webinar our special guest will go over the proper language to avoid coming off as sleazy or sneaky. Make sure you Register Here slots are limited.

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