Faith • Family • Finance Episode 3

Faith • Family • Finance Episode 3

We discuss how last week went and cover some key parts of our journey as our Family grows is Business and in Faith..

Veronica Cruz and I discuss our Health🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ Journey and getting back on a regimen.•

I discuss the Important role family played in my life especially where I grew up

I talk about my goal to create more video🎥 content and give you a sneak peak of my at home “Studio”

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5 Ways You Can Lose Momentum

Momentum is like a jealous girlfriend once you stop focusing on her she’s gone. Every business owner either has lost momentum in the past or is about to lose it. It’s a scary thought all of the momentum you’ve built can be gone in a flash. I once heard a man say building momentum is like pumping water out of a well if you stop midway you have to start all over agin from the beginning.

5 Ways You Can Lose Momentum

1. Lack of Focus

2. Not Seeing the Bigger Picture

3. Not Following Through

4. Not Developing

5. Relying on Talent and Not Work Ehtic

“Often the only difference between winning and losing is momentum.”

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Faith • Family • Finance Episode 2

Follow our family’s journey as we grow in Business and Faith.

This week we discuss how our week went as Entrepreneurs and Parents of a 5 month old baby girl.

We go over our frustration, wins, losses and what we did well.


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How to Network for Success

Networking On Purpose

Networking and building relationships are an essential part of your success. It is estimated that 80% of job positions are filled by networking, while only 20% of jobs filled are by people who went through an application and interview process.

It is estimated when businesses obtain leads using paid ads they close 1/25. When they are referred clients through networking they estimate 1/5 close.

It’s obvious when building a business relationships and networking are important.

Never Eat Alone

One way to build relations is a concept called “Never eat alone.”

I was introduced to this concept by my mentor who is a successful Entrepreneur and Millionaire. He always told us when planning our week never have lunch alone. His philosophy is that over time lunch meetings and time spent building relationships will cultivate into a huge a Network.

Never Eat Alone is also a book by Keith Ferrazzi where he teaches Networking concepts.

Here are 3 keys from the book.

1. Realtions Are Like Muscles They Take Time To Grow.

Use relationships properly by both providing help when asked and also helping others when they need it

Don’t be afraid to ask others for favors it is an essential part of building a relationship.

Also, don’t keep tabs and count how many time you’ve helped someone versus how much they help you.

2. Start a Network Before You Need It.

Cultivating relationships, having quality conversations, and building trust is important to practice before you need it. Too many times people decide to build relationships when they need something. That can come off as fake or phony. Start to get in the habit of adding value to before you need something and make it an essential part of everyday life.

3. The Art of Small Talk.

Every encounter matters learn how to have meaningful conversations with everyone you encounter. Planting seeds is an essential part of adding valuable people to your network. Develop the skill of small talk and make it one of your best assets

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5 Benefits of Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

They Say your dreams are achieved outside of your comfort zone. The problem is most people resort to feeling comfortable, safe and complacent therefore achieving very little to nothing in life. I once heard a quote that said

“What you fear the most will most likely bring you success.”

What most people don’t realize is the amount of growth that is connected to being uncomfortable. Many successful people contribute their biggest lesson or breakthrough to an uncomfortable situation. Below I listed 5 benefits of being uncomfortable.

5 Benefits

1. You stop looking for perfection

2. Risk teaches you lessons about yourself

3. More productive

4. More creative

5. You become completely comfortable with being uncomfortable

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Why Are People Scared of Sales?

Most people have a misconception about what sales really is.

They assume it is begging, convincing and chasing people to buy your product or service.

Maybe its because movies and the media did a terrible job of depicting salesman in the past.

The truth is people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Here are 3 things that make up sales

1. Education

Adding value by simply educating your clients on the benefits of your product or service is a great way to sell your product. Before people make a buying decision they like to have a few questions answered. They also want to know why your product or service stands out amongst others.

Putting together a quick presentation will help you become good at sales and make the potential buyer feel that you are a true professional.

2. Getting People To LIKE You

Don’t overthink this one getting people to like you is simply being yourself, polite and charismatic.

3. Building Trust

For some client’s building trust is knowing your product, being competent and showing up on time.

Most clients want to know that they are working with a true professional and that they are in good hands working with you.

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What Can Entrepreneurs Learn from Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest athletes of our time. As an NBA player, he’s won 5 Championships and has 18 All-Star Appearances. Many contribute Kobe’s success to his amazing athletic abilities and his state of mind, which is called Mamba Mentality. His nickname is The Black Mamba and when he’s in the zone his Mamba Mentality takes over. It’s almost as if he is oblivious to everything around him. He is only focused on 1 thing and that’s Winning.

Here are 3 things that Kobe Lives by

1. Constantly Value Growth

“Our mantra is value growth. To grow, you have to constantly learn, you have to constantly move, constantly improve. That’s the key. That’s what makes life fun.” -Kobe

2. Don’t be Afraid to Self Assess

“I’ve always been a realist,” he said. “I’m not afraid to self-assess.” Fundamental to that process is the willingness to be “brutally honest” with yourself.” -Kobe

3. Don’t Tolerate less Than Elite

Would you tolerate something less than performing at an elite level, whatever form elite takes?

“For myself?” he asked. “Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? If I can’t do that, I’ll call it quits.”

If you are a Kobe fan and want to see him speak live in Vegas this July click the Image Below

Pick up your copy of Kobe’s book

The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

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7 Steps to Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

The Thing You Fear

I once heard a quote that said: “The thing you fear the most, is most likely what will bring you success”. For me, that thing was public speaking I was terrified at the thought of getting in front of a crowd to speak. I’d imagine having all those eyes balls on me judging and analyzing me, it was a scary thought. But after hearing that quote I knew I needed to overcome my fear.

The Beginning

At my office, we host weekly events where each agent has an opportunity to volunteer for a role. One of which is a speaking role to welcome our guest. This is typically done in front of a crowd of 100 to 200 people. I had been avoiding volunteering for that role and hadn’t planned on doing it for a long time. One day as we did the lineup something told me to raise my hand and volunteer. I knew it would be an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and ultimately get over my fear of public speaking. So I raised my hand and it was officially my role.

Leading up to the event I was extremely nervous but I was able to get it done and I did a pretty good job. Below are several steps that helped me prepare and now I’m able to speak in public more confidently with less anxiety and stress in front of large crowds.

1. Start with smaller groups

Find a small group of 30 to 40 people such as a Community Club, Church, Family event, and start volunteering for small speaking roles. This will give you the first bit of confidence you’ll need to grow.

2. Prepare

Know exactly the material you’re going to go over, being prepared gives you confidence. Practicing is key. Those who don’t prepare tend to have those moments where their mind goes blank.

3. Don’t memorize

Don’t try to memorize verbatim, or word for word, the best practice is to remember key points so you can stay on track and your mind fills in the rest. Your presentation will come off as more natural and if you prepared you won’t need to memorize every word.

4. Avoid Bullet Style Presentations

Reading a presentation sometimes can seem like you’re not prepared and you lose connection with the audience. Maintaining eye contact with the audience is important. If you need to use a presentation use it to remember key points but you should always engage the audience with eye contact.

5. Reduce Stress

Before you speak eliminate anything that can cause you stress or worry. Just like athletes prepare before they play it is helpful to get in the zone and have a moment to clear your mind.

6. Find a Friend

Find a person that you feel comfortable with and maintain eye contact with them. this will help you feel like you’re having a one on one conversation instead of speaking to a crowd.

7. Engage the Audience

Talk to the audience, ask them questions, say a few jokes and get them involved. Having the audience involved helps you to feel less nervous. The energy from the crowd gives you the adrenaline to overcome any other issues you have.

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Are Phone Skills Still Needed in Sales Today?

I always hear the debate, if phone skills are still needed in today’s world of online sales funnels and landing pages. Some argue that automation is so far advanced that Entrepreneurs don’t need to learn phone skills. Some argue that even with automation getting on the phone with leads provides a better chance to close the sale.

Here’s My Take On It

I was on a live stream with one of my mentors and he made a great point. He stated in a world of technological advancement, the increase of people utilizing sales funnels, those who learn and master phone skills, will outlast everyone else. He gave several examples of how he still gets on the phone with past leads who didn’t buy immediately. He explained how a simple conversation was the factor in closing the deal. I totally agree with his point of view. Some people still need that personal one on one convo in order for them to make a purchase.

One of my favorite coaches on phone skills is Grant Cardone. He runs a very successful online sales firm teaching sales skills. One of the core skills he discusses is Phone skills. Here is an article he wrote about phone skills.

The Phone Is Your Sales Weapon

Check out Grants Best Seller The 10X Rule

How Do I Get Better On The Phones?

1. Get a good script:

Create a script that can help guide you through the call so you can keep total control.

2. Fail Fast:

Start making calls ASAP getting hung up on, cursed out or stumped helps you improve faster and build mental toughness.

3. Drill Practice Rehearse:

Schedule times where you make mock calls with a sideline or a running buddy.

3 Stages using a script:

1. Awkward

2. Mechanical

3. You’ve Mastered it

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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Read Books?

My Failures

I failed in so many business ventures and at the time I can never pin point why. I had the right enthusiasm, energy and excitement but I always seem to hit major road blocks. After failing in one of my biggest business ventures I decided to call it quits and focus on my 9 to 5 job. Eventually the fire to get back into business reignited several years later, but this time I had a mentor who encouraged me to read and personally develope.

The Beginning

After taking my mentors advice I began to read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I became addicted to the growth. People around me noticed the change and I loved it.Because of the books I’ve read I’m now running my busines full time and became a leader mentoring new and struggling Entrepreneurs. One of the first piece’s of advice I give to my mentees is to READ.

Here are my top 3 reasons why every Entrepreneur should Read Books

3 Reasons

1. Expedites Growth

Many of the personal development books I’ve read are first hand accounts of the authors experience. It’s typically what he or she did wrong and what they would have done better. They also share important advice that helped them get to the position of success they are in.

2. Builds Confidence

When I failed in my first business ventures it killed my confidence. I thought what a screw up I was and felt like the only person in the world who failed on that level. After reading several books and reading the stories of successful business men and women who failed I realized it’s apart of the journey. I was now confident I was on the right track.

3. Create Separation

Most people aren’t willing to spend a few hours a day reading but what I noticed is those who do always separate themselves from the rest. One of my mentors Patrick Bet-David had many peers and mentors who were at the same level of success he was. Now many of his peers and even former mentors take mentorship from him. He is one of the most sought after Entrepreneurial coaches in the world. He contributes his separation to Reading Books and implementing what he learned.

Success Leaves Clues

Many of the CEOs of fortune’s 500 companies read 5 to 10 books a month. The world’s richest men like Buffet and Gates spend hours of their day reading. As I study more and more successful people I noticed a huge part of their daily regimen consists of reading. As they say success leaves clues I do my best to mimic what they do.

“I still probably spend five or six hours a day reading,” Buffett says in HBO’s documentary, “Becoming Warren Buffett.”

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