Social Media Marketing: How to Customize Your Facebook and Instagram Stories to Stand Out

Instagram and Facebook stories are becoming more and more popular on Social Media. If used correctly they can be a great way for marketing and generating leads for your business.

Both Facebook and Instagram place stories right at the top of both platforms which is prime real estate for your audience to see. Both platforms are pushing people to use stories more which is an advantage to every entrepreneur marketing on social media.

With the popularity of apps like Tic Tok and Snapchat the format of short video clips and pictures in a chronological order stories provides that same format in Instagram and Facebook. Also another feature people love is that the content is available for 24 hours so for the audience there is always new content to view which makes it exciting. The 24 hour availability is also great for marketers because people usually like to take advantage of limited offers.

One of the ways to catch people’s attention is to make your stories stand out. Below I’ll give you several tactics and tutorials to customize your stories and make them look good!

Using Canva to add graphics and Animations.

Watch this short video tutorial

Uploading Longer videos Using Story Cutter

How to Add Specific Stories You want People to See On Your Featured Section

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