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In the book The Compound effect there is a quote by Jim Rohn that is very powerful but simple. He says “Success is found in your daily routine”. After reading this quote several times I realized my perspective on success was wrong. I associated success with luck, or one big event, or one thing that caused me to make it big. I now realize success is a set of positive habits done over time that make you successful. John C Maxwell says “You will never change your life until you change what you do daily”

I decided to re-read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy because I noticed I started to head down a path of negative habits and it was having a negative effect on the results in my life. In the book he provided six steps to get on the path to better Habits.

6 Steps

1. Set Yourself up for Success

He mentioned getting in the right environment which provides you with the best resources, energy and people you need to win. Imagine you want to be a body builder would you hang our at the Gym with the Body Builders or on the couch playing video games with your friends. You get the point.

2. Think Addition not Subtraction

Some people think they just have to get rid of bad habits but what better is to think what positive habit can I replace instead.

3. Go for PDA

Not public display of affection but Public Display of Accountability

Use social media, tell your friends and make your goals and positive habits public. They say when you make your intentions public you are more likely to achieve them due to the fact that people will hold you accountable.

4. Find a Success Buddy

Find someone at a similar level in life where you can compete and run side by side to hit your goals and implement your good habits with.

5. Friendly Competition

Compete with some one in a friendly way. Competition breeds the best out of people.

6. Celebrate

We beat ourselves up when we don’t do well but we don’t celebrate the small wins. Celebrate when you see yourself implement a good habit. It gets us away from being just result driven and focuses on the habits that lead to the results.




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