How to Use the Hero’s Journey on Social Media

What Is The Hero’s


The Hero’s Journey is a classic story structure that’s shared by stories worldwide. Coined by academic Joseph Campbell in 1949, it refers to a wide-ranging category of tales in which a character ventures out to get what they need, faces conflict, and ultimately triumphs over adversity.

How to Use Hero’s Journey on Social Media?

One of the biggest reasons Hero’s Journey post work on social media is because people tend to respond more when you are vulnerable. Sharing your adversity and failures inspires others to know they can overcome their adversity aswell.

There are several stories you can share when it comes to the Hero’s Journey post. You can share your story, a client’s story or a colleague’s story.

Detailing the story from beginning through the adversity and lastly through the triumph or expected triumph. You don’t necessarily have to have already acheived your goals to share a hero’s journey but you can end it with where you soon expect to be.

I have 2 recommendations for a Hero’s Journey Social Media Post

  1. Captivating Photo
  2. Call to action

A captivating photo is a great attention grabber that will catch people’s attention and encourage them to read your post.

The call to action is essential especially if your post moved or inspired someone. An example of a call to action in a Hero Story post is:

“If this post inspired you and you are looking to follow a similar path comment below”

Getting your audience to take action is one of the most important parts of your post.

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