How to Network for Success

Networking On Purpose

Networking and building relationships are an essential part of your success. It is estimated that 80% of job positions are filled by networking, while only 20% of jobs filled are by people who went through an application and interview process.

It is estimated when businesses obtain leads using paid ads they close 1/25. When they are referred clients through networking they estimate 1/5 close.

It’s obvious when building a business relationships and networking are important.

Never Eat Alone

One way to build relations is a concept called “Never eat alone.”

I was introduced to this concept by my mentor who is a successful Entrepreneur and Millionaire. He always told us when planning our week never have lunch alone. His philosophy is that over time lunch meetings and time spent building relationships will cultivate into a huge a Network.

Never Eat Alone is also a book by Keith Ferrazzi where he teaches Networking concepts.

Here are 3 keys from the book.

1. Realtions Are Like Muscles They Take Time To Grow.

Use relationships properly by both providing help when asked and also helping others when they need it

Don’t be afraid to ask others for favors it is an essential part of building a relationship.

Also, don’t keep tabs and count how many time you’ve helped someone versus how much they help you.

2. Start a Network Before You Need It.

Cultivating relationships, having quality conversations, and building trust is important to practice before you need it. Too many times people decide to build relationships when they need something. That can come off as fake or phony. Start to get in the habit of adding value to before you need something and make it an essential part of everyday life.

3. The Art of Small Talk.

Every encounter matters learn how to have meaningful conversations with everyone you encounter. Planting seeds is an essential part of adding valuable people to your network. Develop the skill of small talk and make it one of your best assets

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