How to Generate Leads for Your Business Using YouTube?

YouTube is HOT!

YouTube is taking over as the number 1 platform for Internet search engines. “How to” videos are becoming the top searched topics on the web. People want their questions answered in Video format. It is also a great way to generate laser targeted leads and build an audience online.

Create Your “How to” Video

What’s your Niche?

Is it Skin Care, Health and Wellness, Vacations, Financial Services, Legal Services?

Do you want to attract people who are interested in your product, service or opportunity?

A great way is to create how to video’s targeting that specific audience.

Here are a few examples:

Are you in the vacation Industry?

Create a quick a 4 minute video discussing Top 10 Vacation Tips.

Are in Health and Wellness Industry?

Create a video going over the Top 10 Foods to Lose Belly Fat.

People who are searching Google or Youtube for specific information will come across your videos.

If the content is informative and helpful viewers will likely subscribe to your channel. Once a viewer subscribes they will be notified every time you post a new video.

How to turn viewers into leads?

Every video you do should have a CTA (Call to Action)

At the end of each video you want to ask people to do something.


“If you want more info like this feel free to visit my website at and subscribe

“If you want more info like this feel free to follow me on Facebook at

You choose where you want to connect with your audience and find their specific need.

Once they subscribe, follow you or message you it’s great to schedule a chat with them to find out what their specific need is.

From there you may find the need to connect them with your Products/ Service or Oppurtunity.

It is important to be consistant with your content the more videos you upload to YouTube the more views you get resulting in more subscribers and leads.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t try to make it perfect! Too many people never post videos because they are trying to be perfectionist. They want the perfect camera, lighting, microphone and background. Many of the big YouTube channels you see today started with simple videos and evolved into something more professional. My point is get started and develop the muscle to be consistent everything else with fall into place.

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