How to Find Time to Create Social Media Content If You Have NO Time

The biggest obstacle many people have when it comes to growing a brand on social media is NO TIME. Either work, family or just every day task get in the way of creating quality content consistently. One of the biggest challenges people face is how do I overcome this so I can build momentum and generate leads on social media. The majority of marketers start off part-time and eventually transition to full time but if you don’t get over that hump you will never be able to make the transition. The truth is building anything will take time especially on social media so instead of giving into the excuse of “NO TIME’ you have to overcome it. In this article I’ll give you 3 Tips to help you create content on social media with limited or no time.


  1. Time Audit– Writing out your schedule on paper and taking an in depth look at how you’re spending your time hour by hour will show possible areas of opportunity. When I first audited my schedule I realized there was dead time and non productive task I can either remove or scale down. Some of those things were watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, Watching YouTube Videos etc… As I stared to analyze my schedule I found several hours a week of time that can be repurposed. I also found areas where I can make sacrifices like a half hour of sleep in the morning and evening, using my lunch breaks and not watching my favorite shows. When people say they don’t have time many times I find that it is false they don’t have a time issue they have a time management issue.
  2. Outsource– Though many marketers are against outsourcing because of lack of authenticity if you are desperate and absolutely have no time you can find an agency or person that can create content for you. With the boom in third party apps, virtual assistance it’s easy to search the web and find companies that will create content for you. Understand that it will cost money and you still have to create time to communicate and give the person or company guidance on what you want on your social media channel.
  3. Create Bulk Content– This is a tactic many marketers use it’s simply picking a day of the month typically a off day, blocking off your whole day and taking several hours to create content. If executed properly you can create a whole months worth of content and automate the posting with a program like Hootsuite.

As mentioned in a previous post having a content calendar will be very helpful in executing any social media strategy. Below I’ll add the link to get my free content calendar.

Here is a Free Copy of our basic Social Media Content Calendar Click Here

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