How to Create Positive Quote Images Using Word Swag to Post on Social Media

Positive Quotes

Posting positive quotes on Social Media is great way to have diverse content. Many people look to social media for a bit of motivation and if you can provide that to your audience you can gain their support. With so much negativity on social media, being a positive source will make you Stand out. Many of my loyal followers found me through a positive post like a quote.

Here are 4 Benefits of posting Positive Quotes:

  1. Positions you as a source of positivity and attracts the right people.
  2. Positive quotes get more likes and comments which gets you an up-score on the Facebook Algorithm.
  3. You have an unlimited amount of content to choose from.
  4. Positive quotes get tons of shares therefore expanding your reach on Social Media.

Stand Out

There are many people who post quotes on Social Media but many just copy and paste a quotes onto their timeline. I take it a step further and post Quote Images using Word Swag. Creating an image will have your post standout among the many people posting content and will get you more views. Here is my 3 step process for creating a Image/Graphic quote.

Step 1:

Look for good quotes using Google by simply typing in a phrase or keyword in the search bar. Once you find an article look for a quote that fits your need and copy it.

Step 2:

Once you Copied the quote head to the Word Swag app on your mobile Device.

Find a background Image that you like best (choose from existing library on Word Swag or upload your own photo) and customize size of photo. (IG Story, FB Post, FB Cover, Twitter Image, Pinterest etc…)

Choose a text style that fits your image the best and paste your quote and hit save and close.

Save image to your device

Step 3:

Choose Social Media channel you want to upload graphic and upload photo.

Filling content gaps on social media can be challenging. Posting the same content over and over can be redundant and turn your audience away. Sprinkling in a few post with quote images can fill in those gaps while you are still creating content. Hope this article was helpful and informative!

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