How to Conduct a 2 Person Facebook Live Broadcast Using BeLive

2 Person Facebook Live Broadcast

Conducting multi user Facebook Lives is becoming very popular. Many people are using 2 person Facebook Live broadcast to conduct interviews, bring in experts or for an online panel.

As I mentioned in a previous video bringing in experts is a great way to build an audience and generate lead using social media. Unfortunately for many people who aren’t tech savvy it can be complicated to set up.

Using BeLive

I found a resource I’ve been using called Belive. Belive is a simple online software where adding guest and multi users to a Facebook Live Broadcast is made simple. Here are the Steps:

Step 1: Download Belive Extension to Chrome Browser

Step 2: Login/ Sign up

Use Facebook, YouTube or your email to create an Account or Login.

Step 3: Sync Facebook Account with BeLive

Step 4: Click “Add Guest” Copy Link and send to Invitee

Step 5: Once guest is on Click “Show in Stream” for Duo Shared Screen

Step 6: Click “Start” Go Live

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