How to Build an Email Subscription List?

How to Build an Email Subscription List_

I once was told that in Business your database is everything. Back in the day business owners would keep books filled with their clients info and those books were worth Gold to them. Why? They can follow up with old clients, send promotions, update clients on new items etc. That would almost guarantee the business owner a certain amount of revenue based off the size of the list.

With technology moving so fast the good news is someone like you and I can build a even larger database with the click of a button. I was watching a marketing video that mentioned the power of Email Marketing and they used an example. They said have you ever wondered why stores like Walmart and Target always ask for your email at the check out counter? Well not only do they track your buying habits but they add you to a mass email database and every once in a while they’ll send you a promo. Based off how many emails they send out they’ll know a ball park figure of how much money they will generate from that specific email.

I believe it’s a great way for business owners to market and create followers and predictable sales if done RGHT. The number 1 rule is you have to add value through your content first and when the time is right send a promo. Gary V talks about it in his Book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. You add value so many times that the client opens up and trust you then you hit them with a promo that they’ll most likely go for. Based off your industry your value will be based on educational FAQs regarding how the benefits of your product or service help clients. For example Gary V worked at his father’s liquor store and he created valued content about Wine. Such as what wines pair with what foods, What’s the best wine for specific events or demographics etc. He was able to build a huge following and increase the revenue of his Dad’s store drastically and now he’s a social media Guru..

For some of you who aren’t tech savvy or wondering where do I start I specifically use a program called Aweber for me it’s intuitive and easy to use. It allows to create email subscription list and send mass emails all in one place. Here’s a few step in order to get started.


1. Create an Aweber account

2. Create a “Sign Up form

  • Choose Design and Fields
  • Pic Thank You Page options
  • Copy Sign Up Form Link

3. Distribute “Sign up” links in proper places (Social media, Blog post, etc…)

Here’s a quick tutorial video I created to show you the steps on how to set up your first Sign up form:


SIGN UP Form using my Favorite Email service AWEBER

If you are looking for a FREE TRIAL with AWEBER Click Link Below


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