Generating Leads with a Location Based Campaign

What is a Location Based Campaign?

It’s the process of using Social Media to filter individuals by location and using a script to reach out to them in order to position your product, service or opportunity.

How to choose a location?

When choosing a city, area, county or town the best strategy I use it finding recent activity from my company.

First I see if any of my colleagues or myself landed a recent client or we on-boarded a new associate and take a look at what area they are from. The next thing I do is take a look at my main Social Media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and conduct a location search to see how many people on my friends list are in that area.




If I have a good amount connections in that area (40 or more) I than customize a script to reach out to each one them.

How to Create a Location Based Script?

After finding an area in which you want to run your campaign the next move is an intention statement. Are your looking for clients or expansion, or referrals? Once you have the statement you can create a quick script.

Hey John, I noticed you live in the (Enter Location/Area). We have several clients we are assisting with (Enter your Product) Just curious who do you know in (Location) that may be looking for (Enter Your product/service)?

If you’re looking to recruit you can say:

Hey John, I noticed you are located in (Enter Location). My (company, team, firm) is expanding and looking for individuals in your area. Who do you know that may be open in terms of making additional income outside of what they currently do?

Does it work?

The most important part of using this method is consistency and persist-ency. Scheduling an hour a day of messaging individuals using this script and campaign will pay off. Over the last 2 years I’ve obtained recruits and clients all over the U.S executing this consistently.

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