Every Entrepreneur Should Implement These 7 Tips Daily

Here Are 7 Things That Every Entrepreneur Must Do Daily To Be successful

As an entrepreneur I have learned so many ways to maximize my daily routine and make sure that my production is at its best. We can’t afford to waste time and energy on things that will distract us. Our income relies on how we perform. I decided to put together 7 simple tricks that you as an Entrepreneur should implement Daily.

“The Secret To Success Is Found In Your Daily Routine” Jim Rohn

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1. Create Your Schedule The Night Before.

I once heard some one say don’t let your day run you but you run your day. It is important to create a hour to hour schedule of activities so you know exactly what your day looks like and doesn’t allow for any outside distractions. There were many times when I didn’t create my schedule the night before and I aimlessly went about my day doing random task and wasting time. When you know what your daily schedule is you can complete more task and it eliminates the dormat time wondering what you should do next. Sometimes we get paralyzed mentally by having so many things to do by not creating an organized schedule to do them.

2. Create Your To Do List

My mentor taught me before leaving the office create a to do list for the next day. Your do to list is a list of specific task that must be completed the next day and you should prioritize by importance. I usually keep a big yellow legal pad on my desk and write down five to ten task I need to complete the next day. Make sure it becomes a habit before leaving the office or finishing your day to do this if you don’t complete it figure out a way to punish yourself. Remember it’s the little mundane things done consistently that create success.

3. Set Your Daily Goals

Every Entrepreneur should start the day knowing exactly what their daily goals are. Your Daily Goals should directly correlate with your long term goals and mission. Most successful entrepreneurs have an activity goal so they can keep pace with hitting their ultimate goal. For example I have a Home Based Network Marketing business my ultimate goal is to help people do the same, every day I have a daily activity goal of getting 20 people to look at some information about my business.

4. Email Block Time

Emails can be the most distracting thing to any entrepreneur we receive emails all day with something that needs our attention. This can create problems because it will divert you from your original schedule. My thing is if it was really urgent the person would call you. So my solution is to create a Daily Block time in your schedule of 1 hour to read and respond to emails. For example my block time is from 12pm to 1pm and I knock out all my emails so far it’s been working like a charm.

5. Prioritize Activities

You can get so busy with task through out the day that you have no time for anything at the end of the day you feel like you did so much. How much of that busyness was directly connected to the growth of your business? My mentor calls it Money Making Activity we must make sure that the bulk of our time is spent on directly growing our business and not any Fluff which are things that make is busy but aren’t important. Inspect your activity daily to make sure the majority of your time is on the right activity.

6. Make Time For Growth

It is important that as an entrepreneur you are consistently learning and growing. Your success is a direct result of your skills and what you have to offer to the market. Spend at least 15 mins a day reading, watching a video, talking to a mentor or anything that involves growing your entrepreneurial skills. It is important that you never stop learning and that you stay humble.

7. Have Lunch With Someone Everyday.

Networking and building relationships is essential for every entrepreneur. With our busy schedule attending Networking Events daily is not easy but one trick is to find a different person everyday that will sit down to have lunch with you. That gives you an opportunity to build relationships and create new connections.


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