Are Your Dreams Unrealistic?


The Wright Brothers were laughed at

Before the Wright brother successfully flew their first plane they were ridiculed and laughed at by many. So many people thought the idea of flight was ridiculous. But the Wright Brothers were relentless and never gave up improving and working on their passion. Even renown scientist laughed at their ideas and thought what the Wright brothers were working on was a waist of time. Fast forward to present time and flight is a common thing we view flying like we view other basic things like riding a bike or driving a car. The great thing is the Wright Brothers are in the History books and their contribution to History will always be remembered. What if they listened to everyone and gave up?

There’s no such thing as unrealistic dreams!

Too many times we share our dreams with other people and they try to convince us that our dreams are not possible or maybe their unrealistic

Have you ever minimized or reduced your dreams because somebody said they were unrealistic?

I’m here to encourage you to start believing whatever your dream is and pursue it. Don’t let anything deter you from your dreams this includes family, friends, significant others or anybody who tries to discourage you or tell you that your dreams are unreal.

Get around dreamers!

Once suggestion I have for anyone who has a dream is to get around other dreamers. When you are in an environment of like minded individuals the energy, creativity and motivation is multipled with in you. The best way to find like minded people is to look for enviroments where they are both in person and online. Here’s a list of places I was able to get around some dreamers like myself.

-Your company Convention (usually for MLM, Network Marketers or Direct sales Reps)

-Selp improvement events and seminars

-Social media (find gurus in motivation, self improvement and othe positive themes and see who’s following them, also join positive groups. I’m in a Tony Robbin FB group)

-Networking Events (use these apps to start MEET UP and EVENT BRITE)
Reach out to me if you are looking for people who or an environment to assist you on your Journey.

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“Your Success is Important to me”-Tone Fernandez

What Morning Routine Do Successful People Have?

What do Successful People do?

Most Successful people in the world share one thing in common.?

After reading several books by some of the most successful people in the world I realized they all have some kind of Morning Routine.

From Oprah to Tony Robbins many successful people have a similar Morning Routine. Waking up early is key it gives you enough time to fit in your routine and still make it to where ever it is you have to be work, meeting, school etc.

Morning Routine Tips

A good morning Routine usually starts with a work out something to get the blood pumping and the endorphins going. Excercise is a huge part creating the energy and stamina needed for the day especially if you are busy all day. Working out also puts you in a good mood through out the day.

Another great part of the morning routine is Prayer/ Meditation. Meditation and Prayer are a great way to clear the mind and prepare your self spiritually and mentally for what ever comes your way. Meditation and prayer also helps create a positive mind frame throughout the day. I use it as a time to visualize my day and my desired results.

Consistency is KEY

The hardest part of any routine is sticking to it and that’s what separates the successful people from the average.
It’s not as simple as doing your routine once in a while that will do the trick, but making sure that it is an essential part of your everyday life.

Start training your self immediately to wake up early, work out, meditate and pray. Try to master each part and you will see a change in your life.

Tips for Meditation:

1. Pick a spot other then your bedroom, somewhere peaceful and that you can not easily be distracted.

2. Research good breathing Tecniques for meditation

3. Find what’s comfortable for you eyes open or close. Try both until you see what’s better for you

4. If you find it hard to concentrate use music. Pandora has a few meditation and Ambient music stations I use

5. Put phone on silent. Don’t let a phone call or text ruin your meditation time.

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“Your Success is Important to me”-Tone