How to Create a Good Bio That Will Generate Leads





What’s a Bio?

Every Social Media Platform has a section underneath your name visitors can see dedicated to telling people about yourself. For most people they put their hobbies or what they like to do for fun. For business owners it’s a great way to generate leads if positioned correctly.

How to Create an Attractive Bio?

I believe a Bio should have 2 main ingredients.

1. What to you do?

For example my Bio states “I show people how to make income using social media” The reason you have to get straight to the point is some social media platforms like Facebook only allow 101 characters. Creating a short sentence explaining what you do will give you more room to type the next part.

2. Call to action-

A call to action is simple basically telling the visitors on your page if they are interested in more info to take a specific action.

Here are examples:

  1. Message me– Giving the visitors instruction to DM you on social media.
  2. Email me- You can place your email in the Bio so visitors can send you an email.
  3. Call or text me– Leaving room in your bio for your phone number and instructing people to call or text you.
  4. Click Link in Bio (Preferred)– Instructing your visitors to click a link in your bio for more info.

What kind of links can you have?

  • Link to your website
  • Lead magnet
  • Landing page
  • Video presentation

What do I do?

In my bio I have instructions for those interested to click a link in my bio for a free giveaway (Lead Magnet). This has worked great for me because as I post content my followers share I have random visitors who visit my profile and opt in to my giveaway. I then get notified by an email automation service called Aweber of my new lead. Aweber is set up to automatically send them the giveaway and also automated to send follow up emails for more offers. This frees up my time and allows automation to do the work for me

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