Are You Prospecting For Selfish Reasons?


The Typical Mentality  

Most people approach prospecting with a selfish mentality How much am I going to make? How can I get this guy to sign up?….

Most people can sense if your approach is genuine and has genuine intent

Of course you have predetermined goals that you would love to reach but by changing the way we prospect it may help in a major way

Paradigm Shift

I recently was listening to a training and a gentleman was talking about changing your approach when prospecting  and one of the best things he said  was “stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about how many lives you will change.” By looking at it in this perspective a few positive things happen but the biggest one is that you will realize your mission is much more important than you.

You will also have a sense of urgency when prospecting and suddenly your fear  wont be such a big issue.
I started to take this approach and a few positive things happened

#1 I realize that everybody that I came across needed to know what I was doing my consistency with prospecting increased.

#2  I wasn’t fearful anymore because I knew instead of me trying to “get someone” I was possibly changing their life in a major way.

I hope this helps you with your  Prospecting approach and when you’re out there in the field you look at your prospects differently. I want you to hit all your goals and I want you to have the best results but remember you’re on a higher mission a mission to change lives and effect people in a major way.



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