Are Phone Skills Still Needed in Sales Today?

I always hear the debate, if phone skills are still needed in today’s world of online sales funnels and landing pages. Some argue that automation is so far advanced that Entrepreneurs don’t need to learn phone skills. Some argue that even with automation getting on the phone with leads provides a better chance to close the sale.

Here’s My Take On It

I was on a live stream with one of my mentors and he made a great point. He stated in a world of technological advancement, the increase of people utilizing sales funnels, those who learn and master phone skills, will outlast everyone else. He gave several examples of how he still gets on the phone with past leads who didn’t buy immediately. He explained how a simple conversation was the factor in closing the deal. I totally agree with his point of view. Some people still need that personal one on one convo in order for them to make a purchase.

One of my favorite coaches on phone skills is Grant Cardone. He runs a very successful online sales firm teaching sales skills. One of the core skills he discusses is Phone skills. Here is an article he wrote about phone skills.

The Phone Is Your Sales Weapon

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How Do I Get Better On The Phones?

1. Get a good script:

Create a script that can help guide you through the call so you can keep total control.

2. Fail Fast:

Start making calls ASAP getting hung up on, cursed out or stumped helps you improve faster and build mental toughness.

3. Drill Practice Rehearse:

Schedule times where you make mock calls with a sideline or a running buddy.

3 Stages using a script:

1. Awkward

2. Mechanical

3. You’ve Mastered it

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