5 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Social Media

When is comes to conversion on Social Media Reach is an important metric to track. Reach is the amount of people who see your content on Social Media. The more people who view your content means more eyeballs on your profile, videos and Images. If you have good content people will react and engage. The main purpose on social media is to get your content in front of more people and if you follow the right Attraction Marketing guidelines you’ll have people who want to learn more or follow you.

Ask Your Audience to Share

It may sound simple and easy but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t ask to share. It’s the easiest way to increase organic reach. Every time your audience shares your content it is displayed on their timeline for their audience to see. By simply having a call to action at the end of your content you open your reach by several thousand. Typically at the end of a video on social media like a Facebook live I tell my audience “If you like this video feel free to share” I usually get 2 to 5 shares by simply asking.

Current Trends

When ever there is a popular trend or topic going viral on social media I like to piggy back off it and create content of my own. Since it is a hot topic you get more views and shares. If you’re profile is public and people are searching that trend and topic on social media they may find your content. Last week I did a funny post based of the hot topic of the end of the Covid-19 Lock-down in Chicago It was shared over 3k times. Getting creative and having fun on social media will attract a lot of people to your profile.

Tag a Friend

When ever you tag someone on social media their network of friends and followers are also able to see your content. On Facebook you can Tag up to 50 people in one post. One rule of thumb is make sure you ask the person or you are mentioning them in the post. Many people get annoyed when they are constantly tagged on post that aren’t relevant to them. So make sure you ask and be creative when including them in your tag.

Invite a Guest

Bringing an expert in or interviewing someone on Social Media is a great way to expand your Reach. You can either use a third party software like Be.live to have multiple guest on Facebook Live or have a physical Interview in person. Interviews and expert panels seem to do well because the ability to tag the guest and have access to their network and interviews always get a great amount of shares. The best practice is to have a schedule where you interview and have guest from various industries and backgrounds.


Having a contest, raffle or sweep-stake is also a great way to increase reach. Once a month run a giveaway where you give something of value if your audience do a set of task and you randomly pick the winner. I have a contest where I give away Free books. To enter the contest all people have to do is Like my post, comment and share it. The great thing about a giveaway is that if done right it can go viral.

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