5 Tips to Improve your Networking Skills

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After reading The Little Black Book of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer I realized I needed to get out and Network more. I started to attend a few events and realized that many people who do attend Networking Events do it completely wrong. I put together 5 tips that will help improve your networking skills.

5 Tips

1. It starts with you

Your appearance and professionalism is a big factor in attracting the right people at networking events. You have to be and show the qualities of the people you want to attract. Make sure that you are representing your brand properly and the right people will find you.

2. Think Give first

One of the most annoying ways to turn off people at a networking event is to hand out business cards or try to sell and talk about your business the whole time. Each conversation you have you should think

“How can I add value to this person”

Think about serving and giving to others.

3. Dig in

Ask a lot of questions find people’s pain in regards to the benefits your product provides.

If you worked in the retirement Industry and come across a business owner ask

“How do you provide retirement for your employees?”

Find info to use for your follow up

4. Be consistent

Don’t expect to find and close clients or business partners if you only attend 1 or 2 events make it a habit and you’ll start to gain traction.

5. Score

Make sure you are performing and doing good in business don’t go with a desperate mentality people can sense confidence and desperation.

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