5 Tips For Power Couples in Business

The Beginning

Our journey as a power couple started in late 2017 when I met my significant other in business. We both had been independently running our businesses successfully. We assumed it was going to be an easy transition. It took time for us to adjust and figure out how to feed off eachother. Obviously there were things we loved about each other in business. But as we started on a new journey together we quickly realized there were things that bothered us aswell.

Learning Phase

The first year was all about learning each others habits, strengths, weaknesses and mostly importantly how to work as a unit. We quickly started to find a grove and became more effective as a team and now a Family.

We now have a new addition to the team and new challenges arise as our dynamic changed. We now understand that as a power couple in business there will be challenges so we came up with 5 Tips to help those couples dealing with the same challenges we faced.

1. Integrate family with business.

• While most companies talk about work life balance we belive in work life integration. If needed include the kids in appointments and bringing them to the office can make things easier.

2. Be clear with your expectations.

• Making sure that both of you understand what the expected outcome is will make for less frustration and bumping heads.

3. Set time to talk about the Business.

• Set a weekly meeting to discuss business strategies, analyze numbers and going over expectations is an essential part of staying on the same page and avoiding conflict.

4. Keep communication open.

• Keep open communication and active listening, let the two be intertwined.

5. Enjoy the Ride

• Document the journey and enjoy every minute building a legacy is challenging but the process creates memories.


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