5 Steps to Making Money From Home During the Quarantine

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading around the world many local and nationwide government organizations have decided to implement quarantines, curfews and a complete shutdown of many public facilities. Sports Teams, Restaurants, Bars, Office buildings and companies have shut down for a minimum of two weeks. The shut down is intended to help prevent the spread of the virus. Even though for the average healthy adult the virus most likely will be mild it can still be deadly to many who are elderly and with underline health conditions. I 100% agree with the Quarantine due to the fact it can save thousands of lives but unfortunately for many families across America they are unable to work and make money.

This can have a tragic effect on finances leaving many people in Financial ruin. The average american lives paycheck to paycheck and doesn’t have $400 in savings.

During this Quarantine my significant other and I have been blessed to have been able to generate income and clients all from home. We realized that so many families and individuals can benefit from making money from home so we decided to share our 5 Step Process on how we make money from Home.

1. Have a Side Hustle

Having a side hustle that you can exchange a service or product virtually creates a back up income

2. Add Value

Using social media to provide educational tips regarding your product or service is an easy way to gain clients and build an audience.

Blogging, Facebook Lives, YouTube videos can all be used as platforms to provide education to your potential clients

3. Call to Action

When providing educational value it is always important to make sure your content has a call to action so your audience can know what their next step is if they want to do business with you.

Popular call to actions consist of Sign Up, Subscribe, Message me, Call me etc…

4. Follow Up Process

Many people don’t decide to buy the first time so creating a follow up system and process can prove to be an effective way to close more clients.

5. Stay Connected

Building trust on social media is key staying consistent with posting and add value is important as your audience is always looking to see how consistent your are. The more consistent you are the more you stay on your potential clients mind.

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