5 Reasons Why Retail Employees Should Consider becoming Entrepreneurs?

5 Reasons Why Retail Employees Should Consider Entrepreneurship

My background has always been in Retail at the age of 18 I landed a job as a sales rep in the wireless Industry. My job was to represent Sprint Pcs in places like  Costco, Best Buy, Sam’s Club and a few other stores. I had to convince people who were shopping for Milk and diapers they should upgrade and buy a new phone with me. I loved it! It was fun, exciting and challenging. I was noticed by one of the managers of a wireless booth at Costco and she offered me a job I learned more skills there and found a industry I liked. I ended up liking the Industry and landed a Retail Job with Corporate Verizon Wireless I was in both the sales Rep and Management side. I spent close to 8 years with Verizon. During my time at Verizon I started to dabble as a part-time entrepreneur with different business ventures. As time went by I started to get drained and noticed a lot of things I didn’t like about Retail. As I got older Time-Freedom became a huge desire of mine. Working Retail we worked a lot of hours and when the Holiday season came around we worked even more spending precious time away from family. Mixed with the fact that I wanted time-freedom a few other factors pushed me to start my exit strategy and luckily part-time I was building income, knowledge and experience as an Entrepreneur. When the time came I was able to transition to becoming self-Employed. That’s why I became passionate about teaching Retail Employees how to transition to Entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why I believe every Retail Employee should consider being a Part-Time Entrepreneur.

5 Reasons Why

1. Safety Net to fall back on

We’ve all seen the news headlines with stores like Toys “R” US, Carson Pirie Scott, Sears and Macy’s closing locations or closing down all together. It came to a surprise to many and unfortunately they weren’t financially ready. Having a second income as an Entrepreneur allows you to have income in situations like this avoiding foreclosure, car repo, and bankruptcies.


2. Retail Skills are transferable to Entrepreneurship

Many of the skills I learned such as customer service, daily operations, inventory, money management, communication has allowed me to excel as an entrepreneur faster than some of my peers. The skills we learned as retail employees can easily be transferred and used to run your own business.

3. Extra Income for Travel, College savings, House etc…

With the cost of living continues to go up a $50k salary doesn’t give you the same lifestyle it did 20 years ago. Many families are living paycheck to paycheck barley affording to get by. They haven’t figured out how they are going to prepare for retirement, send their kids to college or take that family trip in the summer. Having part-time income can serve as a way where families can use the extra $1k to $2k they earn to plan for the things they thought they couldn’t afford.

4. Time Freedom

I think that working for someone else and having a BOSS control your time can be draining I believe all Humans were meant to be FREE. Eventually our desire to be free clashes with our job and unhappiness kicks in just like it did for me. Having an exit strategy through Entrepreneurship allows you to have a plan to break free and become your own BOSS. I’m living proof it can happen as I type this its a
Tuesday Morning and I’m sitting on my couch doing what I Love.

5. Avoid Corporate Politics

We’ve all worked in an environment where there is favoritism, unfair promotions, and a manager that doesn’t like you and will do anything to make your life miserable. Being self employed allows me to work with people I love in an environment where I control my results and its based solely on how I perform..

mean boss


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