5 Habits to Become a Happier Person

5 Habits to Become a Happier Person

After reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson one of the biggest takeaways was his take on happiness. He mentioned we think of Happiness backwards when we think of happiness we think of an event or occurrence such as buying a house, getting married, getting promoted at a job etc… We then rely on those events for happiness and when they don’t happen when we want we think we aren’t happy. But the truth is happiness is found in your daily habits which he calls Happy Habits.

I started to look at my own life and dissected how I looked at happiness and I realized I tie happiness to events and even when those events occurred I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be. What I realized was the height of my happiness occurred when I was consistent with a daily regimen of things that feed me and fed my positivity. For example I love to work out and when I was consistent with maintaining a work out regimen I was happier and more energetic, I noticed when I pray and read daily I’m happier or even when I do a good deed for others it made me happier. I realized that the reason why most people are unhappy is because they are tying happiness to an event or something external but happiness comes from within.

The author of The Slight Edge was really intrigued by happiness and decided to do research and came across studies and people who have been studying this topic for many years. One of those people was a gentlemen by the name of Shawn Achor who happened to be the leading person when it comes to Happiness Principles. Prior to Shawn there wasn’t any real studies on happiness people thought that it was just something that happens. In his the book Jeff Olson shares Shawn’s 5 Happy Habits:

5 Habits of Happiness

1. Every morning write down 3 things we are thankful for.

When we wake up in the morning our brain tends to think of negative things, worry or anxiety. That can snowball into a bad day of negative thoughts. When we start the day with gratitude (Thankful for waking up, my health, my family etc..) This creates a positive foundation for your day.

2. Journal for 2 minutes of a positive experience you had in the last 24 hours.

This is the opposite of what the News Channel does, typically we wake up turn on the News and we see all the crime, deaths and catastrophes that have occurred in the last 2 hours.

3. Meditate

Meditation allows you to clear your mind so you can focus on visualizing the positive outcomes of your day. From experience I can tell you it has worked wonders for me in preparing for my day and the obstacles I will face.

4. Write a message thanking someone.

If someone has had a positive impact on your life thank them and the reaction you’ll receive will make your day. I’ve done this many times and each time I feel great right after.

5. 15 Minutes of Cardio a Day

Many people are unhappy due to the fact of how they feel health wise or their physical appearance. Just by starting small and exercising 15 minutes a day you’ll feel an instant rush of positive vibes simply for getting started.



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