4 Reasons Why You Need a Daily Task List?

Anxiety Filled Days

I hate it when I don’t create a list of tasks to do throughout the day. I aimlessly complete random task but for some reason I’m extremely filled with anxiety because I feel like I’m not getting everything I need done. My mind is all over the place and it makes me feel uneasy and unproductive.

It wasn’t until I started writing down my task the night before or the morning of that the anxiety feeling went away. I felt more clear and that clouded feeling was gone. I started to see an increase in my productivity and I noticed a few Immediate benefits.

1. Mentally Focused

With having a list of tasks laid out for me to complete throughout the day the worry and anxiety went away. My mind began to focus on the task at hand and not of what else I should be working on. When it comes to success mental focus is a key and an important factor. Creating a task list will help you enhance your focus…

2. Won’t Forget

I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to follow up with a client, make that call or send that email. The reason being is when you commit important task to memory it is a deadly mistake that can kill your business. By writing down task on a list you’ll start to realize that your memory will improve because it’s being reinforced by the list. More task will get done which means more satisfied clients and a thriving business…

3. Get More Done

Having a list of task to complete creates a more productive schedule. When you have a visual list you can gauge how many hours you’ll need for each task and how many task you can complete in a day. I took a look at my productivity on days when I didn’t have a task list vs days I did I completed 60% more task.

4. It’s Motivating

Having a list of task visual that you can check off as you complete task is Motivating. Seeing things get completed creates an energy and feeling of accomplishment. The more you get done it increases the amount of motivation you feel…

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