3 Toxic Behaviors

When it comes to success, most of the time we block ourselves due to bad habits and lack of discipline. Some of the common behaviors of unsuccessful people are not only damaging to our success but they are downright TOXIC.

Here are 3 Toxic Behaviors to avoid doing and to eliminate immediately.

1. Blame

As I’ve stated before, blame takes the control out of your hand and places it in the hands of someone else or outside sources.

Unsuccessful people tend to blame everyone and everything for their failures. Most of the time the problem lies within us to fix. If we blame someone else how can we fix it?

2. Justifying

When we make excuses of why other people are succeeding and why we are not that’s called justifying.

“Oh, well he went to a great school”

“His Mom and Dad are wealthy”

Justifying takes a specific reason and associates it with why someone is successful and making that the reason of why you can’t win. It totally avoids finding or fixing what you need to succeed.

3. Self-Pity

This one to me is the worst of them all. Some people are always looking for pity from others. They want others to feel sorry for them so they receive pity gratification. Some people are very addicted to self pity and empathy from others. They even find fulfillment in receiving it.

Identify which one of these Toxic Behaviors you display and how you can replace it with habits that are positive.

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