3 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for Network Marketers and Home Business Owners


Many Network Marketers, Home Business owners and Affiliate Marketers are taught to market their business wrong. Their up line will tell them to harass friends and family, spam their links all over, and pretty much annoy everyone in sight. These tactics just don’t work and will not help you build a sustainable business. when it comes to attracting the right audience and clients Step 1 always begins with good content. Content can come in the form of text post, Pictures, or Video post.

Types of Content

  • Value- Content that educates, enlightens, or provides insight to an audience.
  • Curiosity- Not always giving the products name away but showing results.
  • Lifestyle- Showing you as a person builds trust with your followers
  • Entertainment- Being funny, or just entertaining people to want to watch you more

CTA (Call to Action)

Every successful piece of content should have a good call to action at the end. A Call to Action or CTA for short is telling your audience to “do this” if they like to learn more or take the next step.

Example of CTA are

  • For more info click the link below
  • If you like to learn more drop a “yes” below
  • To schedule an appointment DM me
  • If you like this post feel free to share
  • For a Bonus tip DM me or drop a “more” below


Your Hub is a centralized place where all your leads live that is owned by you. The importance of you owning it is you can’t be locked our or in Social media jail not allowing you to contact your leads. Having a Data base in a centralized Hub will allow you to communicate, and provide additional offers to your leads.

For example I use a program called Aweber which is home to all my leads and various list depending on my initiatives. Even if I get locked out of my Social Media accounts I’ll still have access to communicate and provide value to my leads.

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